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On this picture you can observe the birth of a duck in New Zealand. In New Zealand you will find ducks in farms and gardens. The picture shows you how a baby duck just came out from an egg. Duck is most of the time an aquatic bird. There is different species in the duck family. Ducks have mostly a wide flat beak. Some of their relatives are geese and swans. They feed themselves mostly of grains, grasses, fish, insects and aquatic plants. Ducks are also farmed for their meat. Duck meat is often used in Chinese recipes. Here some duck recipes, duck a l’orange, crisp roast duck, duck confit, “Foie gras” is also made from duck. There also ducks which is kept for shows and as pets. Most domesticated ducks are wild mallard ducks. Ducks can easily be confused with other birds which have no relation with them but has similar look as grebes, loons, coots and gallinules. In New Zealand you will find in the beautiful gardens ducks swimming in ponds or laying down in the grass.



Birth of Duck




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