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On this picture you can see a chicken and her chicks walking around and looking for some food. A chick is the little of a chicken. The chicken is considered as the most domesticated bird in the world. It is said that it the descendant of the Indian and south east Asian Red Junglefowl. In 2003 the Firefly Encyclopedia of Birds said that the population of these birds was over twenty four billion. Chickens are farmed for their meat and eggs. Farmed chickens are usually fed from commercial food which includes grains and protein. But they also search for little insects, seed and larvae in the ground. The domesticated chickens usually are able to fly long distances. There are countries as where chickens are kept as pets. In New Zealand as in many other countries chickens are farmed for their meat and their eggs. But chickens have also different sort of diseases as one well known the Avian influenza others are, Blackhead, Aspergillosis, Coccidiosis, Colds, Egg bound, Botulism, Fowl Cholera, Fowl Typhoid, Fowl pox and Erysipelas.



Chicken and Chicks




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