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In New Zealand you will find many farms with domesticated horses. The horse is beautiful animal. In the past and for long time horses have been a very important animal for the transport of cargo and people. Horses have been used by human very long time ago. The life span of a horse is about twenty five to thirty years. There some few domestic horses that may live until forty years and sometimes over. “Billy” is one horses recorded and verified as having lived till the age of sixty two. They are pregnant for eleven months and give birth to a foal and when it is a female known as a filly and a male as colt. Horses are matured at the age of four. There are different breed of horses and vary in size. Some horse species are Quarter Horse, Arabians, Morgans, Clydesdale, Percherom, Shire, Throughbreads and Paints. Horses are used for sports, leisure and working. In many different you will discover horse racing.



Domestic Horses




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