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The German Shepherd is a dog species. You can view it on the above picture. It is laying on a banc and resting quietly. It is a breed of dog that can be easily trained to protection and obedience. The German Shepherd are often used for working purposes as military dogs, research and rescue, guard dogs and police dogs, they are also used as guide dogs. The German Shepherd dog is very strong, good looking, and a large dog. The dog can have different colors, usually they are mostly tan and brown but you can also find black and white shepherd. There are different species of Shepherd that exist as the giant shepherd as King Shepherd or Shiloh Shepherd Dog and long-haired coat. The German Shepherd can be an aggressive dog; they have strong teeth and a lot of power in their jaws. They are very good guarding dogs. The breed of the German Shepherd was created by Captain Max von Stephanitz at the end of the nineteenth century; he wanted to create a breed that could be used for different type of work.



German Shepherd




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