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The hedgehog is a small mammal which is spiny and is a subfamily of Erinaceinae. The hedgehog has fifteen species and four genera. They can be found in some parts of New Zealand, Europe, Africa and Asia. In America and Australia there is no hedgehog originally from there. In the last fifteen million years there have not been a lot of changes in the hedgehog. A hedgehog can be easily known by the spines they have over a big part of their body. There is some hedgehog species that are domesticated. A hedgehog can eat around two hundred grams of insects every night; it is considered a very good pest control. Hedgehog main food is usually snail, insects, frog, berries, melons, grassroots, bird eggs, snakes, carrion and mushrooms. The hedgehog can give birth from three to six babies. The life span for a large hedgehog can be up to seven years and for smaller one it can be up to four years. In many countries the hedgehog is source of food. The Echidnas are very similar to the hedgehogs. Here are some of the hedgehog species, Amur Hedgehog, Long-eared hedgehog, Bare-bellied hedgehog, Daurian hedgehog, Korean hedgehog, Indian hedgehog and Four-toed hedgehog.







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