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Here is a picture a mallard duck nesting. In North America the mallard duck is known as the wild dabbling duck. The mallard duck is not native from New Zealand but has been introduced there as well as in Australia. The mallard duck is one of the most popular duck and is a common duck nowadays in New Zealand. The mallard duck has a length of around sixty centimeters, a wingspan of around ninety centimeters and can weigh up to one kg. They can fly very fast even of their big size, they can attain a speed of sixty five km/h. The mallard duck is a very noisy duck species. Usually the mallard duck will nest near a riverbank. The mallard will couple only until the female lays eggs, after that the male will leave the female. The female will lay between nine to thirteen eggs which will incubate during twenty seven to twenty eight days. In this picture you can see a female with her ducklings not far from her. The ducklings will feed themselves with insects after hatching, but they will stay for a little while by the mother for protection. The mallard duck will usually not couple for life.



Mallard Duck




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