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On this picture you can see a young muscovy duck. The muscovy duck is originally from Mexico, South and Central America. The wild muscovy has a dark plumage and white wings. The muscovy duck is as the mallard duck, they will not couple for life. The female muscovy duck will lay around eight to ten white eggs in a hollow or a tree hole. The eggs will incubate around thirty five days. It seems that the muscovy duck has been domesticated for centuries by the indigenous people of South America. It is said that the muscovy got its name from Moscow, but it is known in the commerce as Barbary Duck as it is native from Barbary. The muscovy duck is popular breed as its meat has a very strong taste. You may find the muscovy ducks in some farms in New Zealand where they are domesticated for their meat. New Zealand is a fabulous country to spend nice holidays, both North and South Islands will offer to visitors a large numbers of accommodations and attractions.



Muscovy Duck




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