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In New Zealand the Maori call the fur seal Kokono. The New Zealand fur seal is one of the species on some of the coast of New Zealand and Australia. In New Zealand it is mostly found on the South Island. The fur seal of New Zealand is protected under the Marine Mammal Protection Act. They got protection as from 1894. The seals are largely hunted since the last years and mainly since European settlers discovered New Zealand. True seals and fur seal make both part of the Pinnipedia. Their relatives are the sea lions. Fur seals and seal lions are part of the Otariidae which are called walking seals or eared seals. In New Zealand the population of the fur seal is estimated between fifty thousand and sixty thousand. Fur seals are prey animals for sharks and whales. The female fur seal attain maturity at between four and six years old and they will be able one time a year every year or sometimes less. The breeding time is between November and January. When humans settled in New Zealand it became a source of food for them mainly for the Maoris.



New Zealand fur Seal




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