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On this picture you see a penguin that can be seen in New Zealand mainly on the South Island. The Blue Penguin is one of the penguin species you will be able to discover mainly in Oamaru under the cliffs of Cape Wanbrow. It is the most little penguin that exists in the world. You will be able to visit these penguins at the Oamaru Blue Penguin Colony. The other penguin species that can be observed in New Zealand is the Yellow-eyed penguin. The main source of food of the penguins, are squid, fish and krill. It seems that there should between sixteen to nineteen penguins species, but there are still discussions over it. The tallest and heaviest penguin that exists is the Emperor Penguin. It can grow up to one meter sixty and attain the weight of thirty four kilos. They are the only penguin species that breed in Antartica during winter season.  Their main source of food is crustaceans. The Emperor Penguin living in wild environment may have a lifespan of twenty years but it has been recorded that they can to live a maximum of forty years. The Emperor Penguin is often confused to their relatives the Royal Penguin or the King Penguin.







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