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You can observe on this picture some pigs running in a farm in New Zealand. It exist domesticated pigs and wild pigs. The domesticated pigs are farmed for their meat which is called pork and for their leather, but the wild pigs are also hunted for their meat. Usually the hairs of the pigs are used to confection brushes. It is said that the meat of wild pigs have a different taste from the domesticated pigs or more taste. The difference of taste come probably from the food they eat, in farms pigs are fed with commercial products or kitchen rest, some are fed to get fattened if they are going to be used for ham or bacon, but those living in the wild environment need to hunt for their food themselves. There are different pig species some are even kept as pet. Some of the pig species are Razorback, Wild Boar, Vietnamese Warty Pig, Timor Warty Pig, Malaysian Pig, Poulter Warty Pig.  Pigs are animals that can eat both animals and plants, they called omnivore animals.



Pigs in Farm




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