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You can observe on this picture a Royal Albatross flying. As you can see it is a beautiful bird. It is a sea bird that makes part of the Albatross family. There are two different Royal Albatross, the Northern and Southern. On the Otago Peninsula in New Zealand you will see a colony Northern Royal Albatross flying around. The Albatross make part of the Diomedeidae family. The Albatross are not to be found in the North Atlantic but fossils has been found in the area which they have once existed there. There are around thirteen to fourteen Albatrosses species but there are twenty one species accepted and four genera. Their main source of food is krill fish and quid. New Zealand is a fabulous country to visit and there are some areas of this beautiful country where you be able to observe theses beautiful Royal Albatrosses. But New Zealand has much more offer to the visitors coming on holiday in this country. There are so many activities and attractions offered. Both North and South Islands is worth a visit.



Royal Albatross




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