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Maungakiekie is the name given to the One Tree Hill by the Maori in Auckland New Zealand. Maungakiekie means hill of the kiekie vine. The One Tree Hill is located in Auckland and is a volcanic hill. The hill has a height of one hundred and eighty two meters. When you are at the top of the hill you will have a beautiful view Auckland and its harbour. On the One Tree Hill is also buried Sir John Logan Campbell who is considered as the founder of Auckland. The hill is an important memorial place for the Maoris and the people of New Zealand. Maungakiekie was an important Maori village and had a population of around three thousand. Sir John Logan Campbell donated the Cornwall Park to the people of New Zealand. John Campbell was a very important person for the Maoris and the New Zealanders. Auckland is a place worth to be visited during your stay in New Zealand.



Auckland Maungakiekie




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