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On the sign on the picture you can see that it shows the motorway direction to Whangarei and North Shore. Whangarei is a city of Auckland, New Zealand and it is also the regional capital of the Northland Region. The city has subtropical climate and has a lot of rainfall. Whangarei is officially under the control of the Whangarei District Council. Whangarei is a beautiful region to visit with a large number of activities. North Shore is located in Auckland and is also known as North Shore City or The Shore. It is considered as one of the most populated region of New Zealand. During 2005 it was considered as the fourth most populated city of New Zealand with a population of over two hundred thousand. The Auckland Harbour Bridge will bring you from North Shore to Auckland city on the southern part of Waitemata Harbour. The Upper Harbour Bridge will drive you to Waitakere in the West. The North Shore is a magnificent place in New Zealand. Both North and South Island of New Zealand offer a large number of attractions to the visitors.



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