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Ngati Whatua are indigenous people of New Zealand. They are also called “The People of Orakei”. Orakei is located between Hobson and Mission Bay. It is a special place to Maori. The Ngati Whatua occupied Auckland for a very long period of time. The land of the Ngati Whatua was considered as fertile and rich. They have a rich history and you can learn a lot about the foundation of Auckland. The Ngati Whatua shared their land with the English settlers in 1840, the chief Te Kawau wanted first of all to offer them a place to stay but also to get some protection against other tribes. In March 1840 they signed the Treaty of Waitangi. In September of the same year Auckland became the capital of New Zealand. The Ngati Whatua accepted to lend around three thousand acres of their land where a township would be constructed. After that the Ngati Whatua gave more of their land for good purposes as in 1858 they gave a piece of land for a chapel and school to the Anglican Church. The Maori had special way of giving gifts, often when they gifted a land they said to the other party to return back the land if it would not be required anymore.



Auckland Ngati Whatua




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