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On this picture you can see the One Tree Hill where Sir John Logan Campbell is buried. The One Tree Hill is a volcanic peak of one hundred and eighty two meters. It is on the North Island in Auckland, New Zealand. One Tree Hill is also the suburb situated around the hill. When visitors are at the top of the hill they are able to see a magnificent view of the ports of Auckland. The Maori call the hill Maungakiekie which means “hill of the vine” and it is an important place for them. Since the 1700s, the hill and its surroundings was home of the Wai o Hua tribe. Sir John Logan Campbell owned Cornwall Park and the One Tree Hill Domain. The Cornwall was name after the duke and Duchess of Cornwall; formally he wanted to call it Corinth Park. On the picture you can observe the obelisk which stands on the hill, there has a Radiata pine standing next to the obelisk until 2000. During the visit of the Duke and Duchess of Cornwall Sir John Logan Campbell donated the park to the people of New Zealand.



Auckland One Tree Hill




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