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Auckland has a large number of population which is over one million. Auckland is the city of New Zealand that has most of the population of the country. In Auckland you will find different cultures as European, Asian, Maori but there is also a part of the population which is Polynesian. Most of the population descend from European. Polynesian people are the ancestors of the Maori. Polynesian people are originally from south-east Asia. There is no exact date since when the Polynesian settled in New Zealand. It seems that their settlement has been between 950-1130 AD. The Great Fleet was estimated to have arrived in around 1350. The canoes of the Great Fleet were Tainui, Kurahaupo, Aotea, Horouata, Tokomaru, Mataatua and Arawa. It is said that the Polynesian settled along the coast of New Zealand. When they settled in New Zealand, the country was home of the popular Moa, a flightless bird.



Auckland Polynesian Population




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