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You can see on the above picture a restaurant menu which is written in Chinese and in English. You can see some of the menu Steamed Vegetables, Beef and Fried Rice. The Hees Garden Seafood Restaurant and the Monsoon Poon Restaurant are two restaurants that you may visit while being in Auckland. The Hees Garden Seafood is situated on the corner of Kingsview Road and Mount Eden Road. The Hees Restaurant exists for over twenty five years. The restaurant offers fine Chinese cuisine and a traditional atmosphere. The Monsoon Poon is also located in Auckland; the restaurant offers cuisine from South China, Vietnam, Philippines, India, Indonesia and Malaysia. Here are some of the food you can eat in the restaurant, Chilli & Lemongrass Spiced Cashews, Prawn Crackers, Prawn Toast, Spice Grill Chicken Satay, Thai hot & sour prawn soup, Combo Platter, Chicken, Seafood, vegetables & fresh egg, Pumkin Korma, Mee Goreng. While visiting Auckland these two restaurants are nice places to have an excellent meal.



Auckland Restaurant Menu in Chinese




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