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You can admire on the above picture the viaduct harbour of Auckland by night. The Manukau Harbour is one of the two harbours of New Zealand. It is considered as the second largest natural port of New Zealand. The Manukau Harbour is an arm of Tasman Sea. The Manukau harbour of Auckland has three main arms. The mouth is found between Ohaka Head and Awuitu Peninsula and is one thousand eight hundred metres wide. For a harbour it is a quite narrow mouth and this makes the navigation of entering and going out of the port quite dangerous. The most tragic shipwreck was in 1863 with the HMS Orpheus which made one hundred and eighty nine death. Auckland is a magnificent city to be visited at night with a large number of nightlife activities as bars, restaurants and discotheques. So if you like nightlife activities you will love it to visit Auckland.



Auckland Viaduct Harbour by Night


New Zealand To Esmonde Road

To Esmonde Road

New Zealand Trash Palace Epilogue

Trash Palace Epilogue

New Zealand University of Auckland

 University of Auckland

New Zealand Viaduct Harbour by Night

 Viaduct Harbour by Night

New Zealand Waitemata Harbour

Waitemata Harbour

New Zealand War Memorial Museum

War Memorial Museum

New Zealand World Federation of Great Towers

World Federation of Great













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