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The Waitemata Harbour is one of the two harbours of Auckland New Zealand. But the Waitemata harbour is often called Auckland Harbour even that Auckland has two harbours. The Waitemata harbour is an arm of the Haruraki Gulf. The entrance of the harbour is between Devonport and Bastion Point. The Auckland Harbour Bridge crosses the harbour at one point. The Auckland Bridge is a bridge of eight lanes. It joins the Freemans Bay with Northcote in North Shore City. The distance of the bridge is over one km and is over forty-three meters above water level. The bridge was opened in May 1959 and the construction took four years. During the construction of the bridge there were four men killed and their names have been placed at the Northcote end under the bridge. When you visit Auckland a visit to the Waitemata Harbour is highly recommend. The harbour gives a spectacular view at night too. Auckland also offers a lot of interesting attractions and accommodations.



Auckland Waitemata Harbour


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