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On this picture you can have closer look of the Sky Tower of Auckland, New Zealand which has a height of three hundred and twenty eight meters. It is located on the corner of Victoria and Federal Street. The Tower of Auckland make part of the World Federation of Great Towers, it is the thirteenth tallest tower. The Federation comprises of twenty three towers. The World Federation of Great Towers has been created in 1989; it is a group of skyscrapers and tall towers from the world. The tallest tower of the group is the CN Tower located in Toronto Canada. Here are the other towers that form part of the federation, The Ostankino Tower in Moscow Russia, Collserola Tower in Barcelona Spain, Oriental Pearl Tower in Shanghai China, John Handcock Center in Chicago USA, Tallinn TV Tower in Tallinn Estonia, Rialto Tower in Melbourne Australia, Empire State Building in New York, Sydney Tower in Sydney Australia, Tokyo Tower in Tokyo Japan, KL Tower in Kuala Lumpur Malaysia, Tianjin Radio and Television Tower in Tianjin China, Central TV Tower in Beijing, Tashkent Tower in Tashkent Uzbekistan, Euromast in Amsterdam Netherlands, Fernsehturm in Berlin, Seoul Tower in Seoul South Korea, Blackpool Tower in Blackpool UK, Donauturm in Vienna Austria, Zizkov Telivision Tower in Prague Czech Republic. The smallest Tower of the Federation is the Olympic Tower in Montreal Canada.



Auckland World Federation of Great Towers


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New Zealand World Federation of Great Towers

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