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Akaroa is located on the Banks Peninsula which is in the region of Canterbury on the South Island of New Zealand. Canterbury has for main city Christchurch. The region has also a university, the University of Canterbury. The population density of Akaroa is not so much but a most part of them are over sixty five years old. Akaroa is also considered as a famous resort town. During summer time Akaroa attracts a large number of visitors. The area depend a lot of rainfall for water supply and when in summer the population may reach seven thousand it is a real stress for the place. Akaroa has also a beautiful harbour and in the water there is a lot of Hector Dolphins to be seen. Boat tours and swim with the dolphins are organised and this attracts a large number of visitors who want to experience this activity. Akaroa means long Harbour in maori. One of the other attractions that bring visitors to the region of Canterbury New Zealand is the Akaroa walk. There is a walk organised from Christchurch to Akaroa. It is a walk of three days in which will enable you to visit this beautiful area and have a stay in magnificent accommodation of the area.



Banks Peninsula Akaroa




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