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This is a picture of the lighthouse of Akaroa located on the Banks Peninsula New Zealand. The construction of the lighthouse started in April 1878. The road which brings to the Akaroa lighthouse took around ten months to be finished. The first light lit was in January 1880. The Akaroa lighthouse is situated two hundred seventy feet above sea level, it can be seen for twenty three miles and the tower has a height of twenty eight feet. During the year 1935 a powered generator with kerosene has been installed. There were two keepers for the lighthouse and they also needed to report the weather forecast four times per day to the New Zealand Meteorological Service. This task was done between 1907 and 1977 and there have been over eighty thousand reports which have been sent during these seventy years. The lighthouse of Akaroa has a white colour with red doors. The Akaroa lighthouse makes part of the Akaroa Lighthouse preservation society. The little town of Akaroa attracts a large number of visitors and is a fabulous city to spend relaxed holidays.



Banks Peninsula Akaroa Lighthouse




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