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When you have a look at the map of the South Island New Zealand you will observe that Banks Peninsula has a partly circular form. You will also see that the peninsula has different bays around. The Bays are known as Eastern Bays, Remote Bays Southern bays, Pigeon Bay and Port Levy are the two largest outer bays. Pigeon Bay is a place where you will discover historical buildings and there are also great swimming areas around. The Flea Bay is home of white flippered penguins, tours are organised for visitors to allow them to visit this fabulous area and the dramatically scenic place. If you like wild beaches then you can visit TeOka Bay, Peraki, Tumbledown Bay and Magnet which are known as the southern bays. Banks Peninsula was named after Joseph Banks. Banks is located in the region of Canterbury on the east side of the South Island New Zealand. Banks has an area of around one thousand kilometre square. The peninsula has a population of over seven thousand. Banks Peninsula is a fabulous area to visit; it is a nice place to spend a nice holiday with family and friends.



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