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The region of Canterbury is located on the South Island of New Zealand. Canterbury has for main city Christchurch. Canterbury is also the largest region of New Zealand. It has area of around forty thousand square kilometre. Canterbury is divided in three parts, the North and South Canterbury and Mid Canterbury. Canterbury is also a well known region for its wine production; it has two main areas of viticulture. During the year 1853 after the New Zealand Constitution act 1852, the Canterbury Province has been formed. But in 1876 all provinces was abolished in New Zealand as well as Canterbury Province. The city Council is located in the main city which is Christchurch. Christchurch is also the largest town on the South Island and third largest city of New Zealand. Canterbury is also home of the University Of Canterbury which is located in a suburb of Christchurch, Ilam. Canterbury is also a city in Kent England. The city of Canterbury in England has a population of around forty thousand. Canterbury is also the name given to the cathedral of Canterbury city. The Canterbury Cathedral is considered as one of the oldest and most popular Christian foundations in England.



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