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The Captain James Cook was born in October 1728 at Marton, North Yorkshire. James Cook passed away in 1779 during one of his voyage which was the third one, it was in Hawaii. The captain married in December 1762 Elizabeth Batts and they had six children, James, Nathaniel, Elizabeth, Joseph, George and Hugh. James Cook was a navigator, explorer and cartographer. James Cook discovered different part of New Zealand during his voyage in the Pacific Ocean. He has made in the Pacific Ocean three trips. In 1766 James Cook was hired by the Royal Society to go to the Pacific Ocean for observation of the transit of Venus across the sun. At this time James got the rank of Lieutenant and had to command the famous HM Bark Endeavour. His trip started in 1768 from England and arrived in Tahiti in April 1769 where observations have been made by the astronomer Charles Green. The second trip of James was from 1772 to 1775 and the third was from 1776 to 1779. During his third voyage, but after returning Omai to Tahiti, he travelled to the north and came along Hawaii and he was the first European in 1778 to put a foot on Hawaii Islands. After that he travelled around and came back in 1779 to Hawaii. He first sailed around for around eight weeks and he finally landed at Kealakekua Bay which is now known as Big Island of Hawaii. This is where James Cook was killed during a fight between his fleet and the Hawaiians.



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