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On this picture you can see containers on the harbour from the company Maersk Sealand. Maersk Sealand is one of the biggest shipping companies in the world. The company has over 1,400,000 containers and over five hundred container vessels. In New Zealand Maersk has two companies one is located at Queen Street in Auckland and the other at Armagh Street Christchurch. The office in Auckland opened in December 1996. In February the first vessel from Maersk arrived in Auckland, the ports covered were Auckland, Napier, Lyttelton and Tauranga. One year later two more vessels were introduced and a weekly fixed day service started and two more ports were added Nelson and Port Chalmers. In the year 2000 Timaru has been added to the list. The Headquarters office is located in Copenhagen Denmark. Maersk Sealand proposes a large choice of containers different size and type. Everything will be there for your need.  Maersk offers different types of containers as the Dry containers, Reefer containers and special equipment.



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