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Banks Peninsula on the South Island of New Zealand has two deep harbours, Akaroa Harbour and Lyttelton Harbour. The town of Lyttelton is not far from Christchurch city. Christchurch and Lyttelton are linked by a railway or a road tunnel. The Lyttelton Harbour is surrounded of hills which were formed by an extinct crater. Lyttelton is known by the Maoris as Te Whaka Raupo. Lyttelton has been the home of Marios for around one thousand years and the Europeans discovered the place during the year 1770 by James Cook. Lyttelton was named as harbour in 1849. In the past Lyttelton was called Port Victoria and Port Cooper. Lyttelton was named after George William Lyttelton. William Lyttelton, fourth Baron Lyttelton was born in 1817 and was a British aristocrat. He helped a lot in the foundation of Canterbury. While you are visiting Christchurch city you can make a little cross to Lyttelton Harbour over Port Hills or through the road tunnel. The place offers spectacular scenery to visitors. Banks Peninsula has a lot of attractions and historic sites to visit. So while visiting New Zealand do not miss to visit this area of the South Island.



Banks Peninsula Harbour




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