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Banks Peninsula on the South Island of New Zealand was named after Sir Joseph Banks, First Baronet. The name was chosen by Captain James Cook. Sir Joseph Banks was born in London in February 1743; he was a botanist and naturalist. Joseph Banks accompanied James Cook in his first trip which was from 1768 to 1771. There is around seventy five species have Banks name. He was sent to Habrow School at nine years old then at thirteen he went to Eton. At school he was not particular a good student, he hated classical studies.  After Eton he got very interested in plants and insects. Joseph entered Oxford at seventeen years old.  During his studies in university his father passed away and left him a large fortune. As Botany was not taught in the Oxford University he was able with his heritage to hire a private tutor who was Israel Lyons a botanist and astronomer. When he accompanied James Cook in his voyage Joseph Banks only twenty five, it was for him a big opportunity and he choose to bring with him Dr Daniel Solander. In August 1768 he took place on the HMS Endeavour for the exploration of the Pacific. He made his first plants collection in Tierra del Fuego in South America. Then they sailed to Tahiti where the observation of the transit of Venus took place. After there observation the ship sailed southward just to an unknown direction. One year later in 1769 they came across Australia and New Zealand which was at that time known as New Holland. They landed and Joseph Banks was able to collect more plants but the place was so abundant that they decided to call it Botany Bay. Dr Solander and Joseph Banks contracted malaria in Malay Archipelago and they both almost died but luckily survived. After almost three years they decided to come back home. Later on Dr Solander and Banks made another voyage with James Cook. Sir Joseph Banks died in 1820, but was considered as a very famous person though.



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