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The lighthouse of Banks is located in Akaroa. The lighthouse is located at the east head of the Akaroa harbour. On the picture you see the road that brings to the lighthouse. The construction of the original lighthouse started in 1878 but the construction was quite slow due to weather problems which demolished part of the construction. The first construction was in wood. The first lit of the lighthouse was in January 1880. The Tower has four levels and is a six sided Victorian foundation as you can observe on the above picture. The light is two hundred seventy feet above sea level and the tower has a height of twenty eight feet. The light can be seen fro twenty three miles away especially when the weather is clear. In 1977 it was replaced by and automated light. In 1980 the lighthouse was moved from the original place and placed where it is now; the decision was taken by the Akaroa Lighthouse preservation society. You can see on the picture there is a road that can bring you in front of the lighthouse from where you can have a magnificent view of the Akaroa Harbour. There are tours organised to visit the lighthouse and its surroundings and learn about the history of the lighthouse. Banks Peninsula in New Zealand is a fabulous place to spend holidays which has a large number of attractions, activities and accommodations.



Banks Peninsula Lighthouse of Banks Peninsula




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