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Lyttelton is a port city located on Banks Peninsula. Lyttelton Harbour is one of the two ports of Banks Peninsula. The town has a beautiful harbour. The harbour is linked to Christchurch by a road tunnel or over Port Hills. Lyttelton Harbour is also known as Te Whaka-raupo or Te Whaka. Lyttelton was home of Maoris for about one thousand years. The first European settlers discovered the area in 1770 during the first voyage of James Cook. In 1849 it was named as port. In the past it was called Port Victoria and Port Cooper. Lyttelton name was given in honour of William Lyttelton who was the founder of Canterbury city in New Zealand. George William Lyttelton was born in 1817 and was an English aristocrat. Canterbury Region is beautiful area to spend your next holidays. Both North and South Islands of New Zealand offers you a large variety of attractions, activities, accommodations, historic sites. New Zealand has so much to offer to visitors. You will be able to learn about the Maori culture, the Maoris who were the first inhabitants of New Zealand.



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