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Ripapa Island is located in Lyttelton Harbour New Zealand. During the end of the nineteenth century Ripapa Island was used as quarantine for boats emigrated from Britain. The Maori built on Ripapa Island a fortification, the Maori call it a Pa, and it was a perfect place for this type of building. The Pa has been decided to be build by the Chief Taununu of the Ngai Tahu tribe. During the year 1820 the Chief Taununu assisted to a fight with another Ngai Tahu group which was known as Kai Huanga feud. Kai Huanga means “eat relatives” which is a form of cannibalism. The tribe occupied the island till 1832. The Fort Jervois has been built on Ripapa and was one of the four defences during the World War I. The Fort was built to protect Lyttelton harbour. The army of New Zealand occupied the fort till the end of the First World War. During the Second World War it was again used. At this time the Fort Jervois has in its possession two very rare guns, an eight inch calibre canon there is only twelve from this gun left in the world. The other gun is a six inch calibre canon. Ripapa Island makes part of the New Zealand Historic Places Trust and is classed as category one.



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