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On this picture you can see a picture of a beautiful garden in Banks Peninsula with plenty of roses. A rose is a very beautiful flower, it has a delicious smell. But there are over hundred rose species. There are three main groups of roses, old garden roses, modern roses and wild roses. Most of them are from the northern hemisphere and from temperate areas. The name rose derives from the Latin word “rosa”. Most of the rose species have leaves between five and fifteen cm long. Most of the flowers of the rose have five petals and five sepals except the Rosa Sericea which has most of time only four sepals and petals. Here are some species of roses, Dog Rose known as Rosa canina, Virginia Rose, Sacramento Rose, Redleaf Rose, Multiflora Rose, French Rose, Eglantine, Chesnut Rose, Japanese Rose, Camellia Rose and Glaucous Dog Rose. Roses are plants that may have several sicknesses. The rose rust is one of the most dangerous. Roses are the most usual flowers sold by florists. Roses are also very famous in gardens. It is also used in perfume. Rose is a very beautiful flower often the most offered flowers.



Banks Peninsula Roses




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