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Timaru is a town located on the South Island of New Zealand. Timaru is in the region of Canterbury and is also one of the main port cities in south Canterbury. The area has a population of over forty thousand. Till now it is a discussion to know from where the name Timaru derives, some think that it is from maori Te Maru which means “place of shelter”. Others believe that it is a combination coming from “ti” which is a cabbage tree and maru which mean “shady”. Caroline Bay is of one of the popular beach of Timaru. Caroline Bay is very close to the centre of the city and easily accessible. Timaru has been founded on hills which have been created from the lava of an extinct volcano Mt Horrible. The bluestone which is its volcanic rock is used for building construction. Timaru has also an airport where usually domestic flights are done, mostly to Wellington. Strafford Street is one of the main shopping streets in the town. Timaru is a fabulous place to visit with a lot of attractions as the south Canterbury museum, the art gallery, the DB mainland brewery and do not miss to visit the Trevor Griffiths rose garden.



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