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The Trevor Griffiths Rose Garden is located at Caroline Bay in Timaru, Canterbury Region New Zealand. As you may observe on the picture it is a magnificent garden mainly with different rose species. The Trevor Griffiths Rose Garden attracts a large number of visitors because it has in its garden some of the best roses of the world. The garden has been designed by a famous Christchurch architect Sir Miles Warren. In the centre you will see a small fountain pool and the garden has a geometric design. There are around one thousand two hundred roses planted in the garden. Trevor Griffiths was a south Canterbury rosarian and had once had the third place in the world for his old roses collection which is now seen in the Rose Garden. Some other six hundred roses are from David Austin an English breeder. The Trevor Griffiths Rose Garden opened in December 2001 and since the opening it has a big success. The rose garden is managed by the Timaru District Council. Some specialities of the garden are the geometric design that you may view from the Piazza; you can observe plants of all major rose families, old roses which are planted in a colour sequence from mid and deep pink, burgundy, crimson, cream, white, peach, peach, apricot, yellow, golden yellow. The garden is always open but the best time to visit it is in December, January and February. The Trevor Griffiths Rose Garden is a spectacular garden and is worth a visit while you are in Timaru.



Banks Peninsula Trevor Griffiths Rose Garden




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