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While visiting Catlins city, located on the south Island of New Zealand, you will see beautiful beaches and scenic landscapes. Catlins is a fabulous place to visit. In many areas near beaches you may observe as on the picture above, that there are many algae to be found. The algae on seen on this picture are known as kelp. There are three main kelp species; giant kelp, kombu and bull-head kelp. On this picture you can see that there is really a lot of kelp in this area. Algae can be living organisms. There are different groups of algae. They have been considered as simple plants but some groups of algae are compared to higher plants. The higher plants are group of plants called embryophytes and are the most common group of plants. Algae are plants that catch light energy via photosynthesis. There are some algae varieties that can be eaten or some are used in esthetical products. Algae can also be used as a source of energy. With some type of algae biodiesel can be produced; it can also be cultivated to produce hydrogen.



Catlins Algae




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