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Catlins town is a beautiful area to visit. While walking around you may find signpost as on the picture above which means beware of ducks, this means that you may have a group of ducks walking along the road. Catlins make part of the Otago region. Catlins is a place made for walkers. There are several places in Catlins that are accessible only by walk as there has been no road constructed. There are travel tours that may propose to tourists who want to visit the area walks to the Nugget Point Lighthouse, the Kaka Point Bush, the Catlins River, the Purakannui, Matai, and Horseshoe Falls, the Cathedral Caves and much more. When you are in Catlins there will be always a place to visit, the place is spectacular with its scenic coastal landscape. Most of the land around Catlins is used for farming. Catlins is also covered with a large number of rainforest.



Catlins Beware of Ducks




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