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Big wave surfing is an attraction that brings quite a lot of tourists surfers to Catlins. Catlins is situated in a very good position where it receives some of the largest ocean swells of New Zealand, they are very often over five meter. Big wave surfing is a popular sport in Catlins. Ocean swells are waves on the surface of the ocean with long wavelength. The big surfing wave makes part of the surfing sport. The surfers moves into waves on a Rhino charges or guns, which are surf boards, most of the time with waves at least of twenty feet high. Bigger are the waves and the faster it will travel. A large board may allow a surfer to move fast enough to catch the waves. This is a sport for people who like adrenalin. It is also not a sport to be done by amateurs; it can be quite dangerous if someone has no experience in surfing. So don’t adventure yourself if you have no experience. The best to do is to watch the talented surfers on these beautiful big waves and make some pictures.



Catlins Big Wave Surfing




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