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On this picture you can see the surf statue; it is located just in front of the Dustys Bar and the Colac Bay Tavern. Near the Colac Bay Tavern there is wooden sailoras decoration. The surroundings of the bar and the tavern are very attractive. It is located at 15 Colac Bay Road, Colac Bay, RD1 Riverton. The Colac Bay is the surfers dream place. The tavern offers to inhabitants of the surroundings with pub services, pool table, takeaways and bar meals. And of course tourists on the way can also have a stop to have a drink and a nice meal. Dusty is the one who work behind the bar, he was crayfisherman for twenty four years. In the bar you will discover a large number of action photos. The bar and tavern is not far from a beautiful beach well known for surfing but you can also just lie down on the sandy beach and have a sunbath. It is a great, quiet and relaxing place for everyone.



Catlins Dustys Bar




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