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Here you can see made from the Nugget Point where there is also a lighthouse. The nuggets are little or big rocky islets as you may observe on the picture. The Nuggets Point lighthouse is situated at seventy six meters over water level. From the Nuggets Point lighthouse you will have a magnificent view of the ocean. The lighthouse first operated in July 1870, when it was constructed it was running with kerosene, the lighthouse needed at least two men to operate it. The lighthouse is accessible by a short bushwalk which bring at the end of the point. Nowadays the lighthouse is automated; this has been done as from 1949, so now the lighthouse needs only one man to operate it. The Nugget Point is a place where you will see a variety of seabirds as spoonbills, penguins and   gannets. It is home of a large number of fur seals.



Catlins Nugget Points




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