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Catlins is situated in an area where it receives the largest ocean swells which make the place an attraction to surfers. Big wave surfing is one of the sport that attracts surfers to this area. Catlins coast may receive waves of over 5m. For surfers it is a dream place to surf. Catlins became so popular with its big waves that competitions has been often organised, this type of competitions brings a lot of publicity for surfing sport. So those who like this type of sport will love the place.  The coast of Catlins is also a great place where you may observe a large number of sea mammals as the fur seals, elephant seals, sea lions, dolphins. The Catlins dense rainforest has also a large number of endangered bird species. Catlins was also one of the last places where the Moa, an extinct flightless bird was hunted. For nature lovers Catlins is a must to visit and it is worth it.



Catlins Ocean Swells




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