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The Curio Bay is a natural heritage centre. While visiting Catlins, it is a must to visit Curio Bay, it a rugged, wild and spectacular place. The Curio Bay is known to be one of the best examples of a Jurassic Fossil Forest in the world. It consists also of a petrified forest of over one hundred sixty million years old. The Curio Bay is also one of the main attractions in Catlins; it is also home of the yellow-eyed penguins. These penguins are often found in colony. The yellow-eyed penguin also known as Hoiho is a penguin variety that is found mostly in the south Island of New Zealand, Stewart Island and Forveaux Strait. They can also be found in Campbell Islands and Auckland coastline. The Hoiho is also considered as and endangered species. The penguin is also to be seen on the five dollar note of New Zealand.



Catlins Pretrified Log Curio Bay




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