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One of the main things that make Catlins a popular tourist attraction is its magnificent scenic coastal landscape. Catlins is an area which not a lot of population. The area of Catlins is very spectacular. There are a lot of interesting places which are not accessible by cars but only by walk as the Slope Point. A big part of Catlins is also covered with temperate rainforest. Most of the population live in Owaka which is a small town in Otago in Catlins. Owaka means in Maori “the place of canoes”, originally Owaka was called Catlins River and afterwards Quarkerfield. Otago is a region of about 32,000 km square. The region of Otago has a population of over 180,000. Catlins has a lot of specialities that may be seen only in this part of New Zealand as blowholes, the cathedral caves, beautiful sandy beaches, great ocean swells.



Catlins Scenic Coastal Landscape




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