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Catlins is an area with of a lot of temperate rainforest. These rainforest are covered of greens trees, rives and magnificent waterfalls. It is great to have a walk and breathe some fresh air, listen to the birds and the nature. These forests are a great place to relax. A temperate rainforest is considered to have high rainfalls during a year which is a minimum of two thousand to three thousand mm. A rain forest is also called a wet forest. A temperate rain forest is often located near the ocean as it is the case here in Catlins. The temperate rain forests of Catlins is home of a lot endangered bird species. Catlins is the place to relax to forget all stress. It is a perfect place to spend great holidays. Catlins offers also a large number of accommodations. So do not hesitate while visiting New Zealand to spend some days in this beautiful place.



Catlins Temperate Rain Forests




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