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Dogs sports are activities that human does with dogs. Dogs are one of the best companions of human beings. These are the type of sports that are practiced by dogs flyball, agility, dog hiking, disc dog, mushing, field trials, obedience training, weight training, sheepdog trials, protection sports, skijoring, scootering, pulka, earthdog trials, sighthound, sled dog racing, tracking trials. Dogs are considered as social animals. It is a mammal; they have been domesticated from wolves not so long ago for around fifteen thousand years ago but it can be also for one hundred thousand ago from the genetic fossil discovered recently. The dogs love human beings. Dogs are also considered to be intelligent. There are different dog speciesthat exists. Here on the picture you can see someone training his dog in one of the park of Christchurch, New Zealand.



Christchurch Dog Sports




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