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The Millenium Cup is also known as The Chalice. The Chalice has been constructed to celebrate the 150 th anniversary of the foundation of Christchurch and Canterbury and also for the celebration of the New Millennium. The Sculptor of the Chalice was Neil Dawson. The Chalice is on the Cathedral Square near the Christ Church Cathedral. The Millennium Cup has a height of eighteen meters. The diameter of the chalice at the ground is 1.2 meters and at the top it is three meters. The base is made of solid steel and is around three meters above the ground. The construction of the chalice was a complex work; it has forty two leaf patterns in aluminum. The leaves are expressed are totara, koromiko, karamu, kowhai, mapou, totoki, maratata and ngaio. While visiting Christchurch you need to absolutely visit the Christ Church Cathedral and have a look at the Millennium Cup.



Christchurch Millennium Cup




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