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On this picture you may observe some pigeons in a park of Christchurch. Pigeons are birds that can be seen in almost every country you visit. There are different species of pigeons. Doves are usually used for smaller species. The feral Rock Pigeon is usually called pigeon. The rock pigeon is also known as domestic pigeons. There is around three hundred species of pigeons and doves. Both bird species have short necks, fleshy cere and short slender bills. The largest varieties of these birds are mostly found in the Australasia ecozones and in the Indomalaya. Often the pigeons and doves are related to the extinct dodo. Here are some of the different birds’ species that can be found in the world, Laurel Pigeon, Hill pigeon, Pale-Backed Pigeon, Trocaz Pigeon, Snow Pigeon, Stock Pigeon, Somali Pigeon, African olive Pigeon, Wood Pigeon, Comoro Olive Pigeon, Silvery pigeon, White-Headed Pigeon, Yellow-Legged Pigeon, Sri Lanka Wood Pigeon.



Christchurch Pigeons




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