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There are in New Zealand in the different region Starbucks Coffee. You will also find these chain of coffee shops in Christchurch. You may have a drink at the Starbucks Coffee at 764 Colombo Street. The coffee shops Starbucks are found in different part of the world. It has been founded in 1971 at this time it was a coffee bean retailer. In 1987 Howard Schultz took over the company and built coffee shops in different part of the world. In Starbucks coffee shops you can also have tea, pastries or sandwiches. In 1971 the first Starbucks has been opened by three partners. You will have a choice of brewed coffee in the Starbucks shops. So while visiting Christchurch do not miss to have a coffee at Colombo Street. Both North and South Island of New Zealand offer nice coffee shops and the place is real worth a visit, there is a large number of attractions and accommodations.



Christchurch Starbucks Coffe




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