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On the above picture you can observe a person who has tattoo on part of his body, this is called moko, it is a type of face marking used by Maori. You will come along a lot of person having moko on their faces when you are visiting Christchurch, New Zealand. A tattoo is made into the skin by inserting pigment. Tattoo is practiced in different part of the world. It even existed for years ago. It is said that tattoos come from Eurasian, it seems since Neolithic time. Tattoos are also made sometimes on animals to mark them. Tattoos have often been made as a symbol of religion and spiritual devotion, to mark rank and status or used as rites of passage. Nowadays people let tem get tattooed more for comestic reasons, magical or religious. Some of them get tattoos to show that they belong to a group, as criminal tattoos. There was a time where people were forced to be tattooed; the ka-tzetnik is one of the best known forced tattoos made on Jews during the Holocaust in the concentration camps. In Thailand and Cambodia as protection they make the yantra tattoo.



Christchurch Tatoo




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