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The Bungy jumping is one of the activities you can practice in Queenstown, New Zealand. The Kawarau Bridge is a well known bridge for this jump in New Zealand. If you are someone looking for adventure and adrenaline then that’s the right thing for you. The bungy jumping is also known as Bungee jumping, it consists of a person who jumps from a very high place, which are often bridges; it may be of several hundred meters high. The person has an elastic cord tied with one end to the body and the other to the point from where they are jumping. When they feel ready they take a good breath and jump. The cord will just stretch when they let them fall down. All those who have done it will just tell you that it is a great feeling. You feel free, like flying. The word bungee was used in the year 1930 for a rubber eraser and bungy has been used by AJ Hackett.  In New Zealand AJ Hackett is a popular entrepreneur known for extreme sports. In 1970 the first modern bungy jump was made by a group of persons from the Dangerous Sports Club, it was made from the Clifton Suspension Bridge which has a height of 250feet. The first to commercialize the bungy jump was AJ Hackett. His first jump was made in 1986 from the Auckland’s Greenhithe Bridge, after his first jumps he made a large number of jumps including the Eiffel Tour. AJ Hackett is one of the most well known extreme sports operators in the world. While doing this type of sport you need to be quite careful, there are number of precautions to be taken.



Milford Queenstown Bungy Jumping




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