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Ophir and Ida Valley are located in Central Otago in new Zealand. Ophir is a small city located between Alexandra and Ranfurly. Not far from Ophir you will find the Manuherikia River. And Ida Valley is between Maniototo plains and the valley of Manuherikia. Ophir was in the past, exactly around the year 1863, known as Blacks as gold was discovered in Central Otago. At this particular time the town had a population up to one thousand, but nowadays the population is only of around fifty. The town of Ophir is also known for the lowest official temperature in New Zealand, in July 1995, which was minus 21.6 degrees Celsius. Ophir comes from Hebrew, it was known in the Bible as a region or a port, and it was famous for its fortune at this time. Ophir was also the name of one of the children of Joktan. Ophir is a usual name used by the Israelis people, it most of the time written “Ofir”. Ida Valley is also not a much populated area; farming is one of the main industries of this place. The climate in Ophir or Ida Valley may be extremely hot or cold and it hasn’t so much rainfall during a year. These are quiet and relaxed region, it is nice if you want to spend quiet holidays and forget the stress.



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